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We are a Marketing Agency

We are a digital marketing agency in San Mateo, CA. Our Agency offers a one-stop digital marketing solution for your business. Throughout the years, we’ve helped companies increase their sales in different industries (health, automotive, construction, etc…) by creating stunning promotional videos and websites that properly explain their services.

We specialize in developing high converting digital marketing solutions across multiple industries and platforms.


The landscape for affiliate marketers has changed significantly over the past year. From tighter legislation for affiliates, to Google cracking down on thin affiliate content, and a general increase in competition on the web, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for affiliate marketers to get ahead in the game. We are a group of marketers and hybrid designers specialize in the digital world, with a combined experience of over 20 years. We thrive on creativity and thinking outside of the box. We are committed to our clients' success and growth.


One of the biggest challenges facing affiliate marketers right now is the need to prove their value as middlemen in the value chain. The biggest advantages affiliates have over established brands, and one of the greatest opportunities to add value, is the ability to be agile and act quickly with content marketing. In today's competitive environment of online communities and social activities companies need to rise above the noise of their competitors. We help our clients achieve that organically in a natural fashion that supports longevity.


What does your company represent? What are your core values? What makes you different from your competitors? These and more are questions that we ask, analyze and solve in order to tailor the best solution. While brands spend months approving their content strategy and holding fruitless meetings, affiliates can be creating content of such a high standard, that competitors simply won’t have the resources to compete with, and Google would be foolish not to drive traffic to.


Our Services


We provide lead driven content that supports our clients' goals. Whether its SEO, Conversion or Social Engagement. Our talented writers will provide you with content that matches your brand.

Web Design

Your business’ website must provide a stunning, pleasant and innovative design that connects with the user immediately by providing an unforgettable experience.

Graphic Design

Stunning design is the key to stunning websites. Don't use simple clip art images. Use images that were designed specifically for your brand to show your customers you care.

Social Presence

We will maintain an outstanding online presence by delivering dynamic and unique content through your social media channels. Also, we will monitor and optimize your strategy consistently.


Capture passion and experiences with the power of professional lenses. Our agency employes talented photographers to capture your product in the best light.


Everyone knows that if you are not on the first page of Google, people simply will not find you. Position your website on Google among the top results and start helping those people who need your product or service.

Our Clients are Raving

Anne Rbinsonb - Blogger

When I started blogging I didn't realize how hard of a job that was to get traffic. Thanks to Vanillaclick I started growing my readership organically and will hopefully be able to monetize it whithin the next few months.

Josh Clark - Hardware for U

I needed to drive more local business to my store. Vanillaclick helped me build a website and social media presence that increased the foot traffic of my store tremendously.